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Welcome to ATC Official Website.
In these website basically where you can find all the information that you want to know about ATC (Gunbound Guild War). All the information that you can get from this website are such as 'Atc Member Profile, How to become ATC member, Latest Updates on ATC & etc. This Guild was found by DrVirusHiv (Eddy Gorilla) . At the first the guild was named as Xtrem3 . Later then the name was change into ATC until now.The persons who started to join ATC were OPRESSED (Wan), xXMrHellMieXx (Mie) & CoooMooot (Chemau). Later, Casino Royal ( Yum) joined ATC. People starting to join our Guild because our guild member respect eachother and very skillful. We do alot of team working which make this Guild as a success guild in the whole Universe :D. Now ATC had 100 members which is very bizarre. We would like to appreciate to all the ATC supporters and all the ATC members. Last but not least hope you will enjoy and thanks for stopping by ATC website.
For any further question or enquiries, you are welcome to contact us.
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